(Clean Power Generation and Electrochemical Laboratory (CPG&E Lab
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  • About CPG&E Laboratory


Director of the Laboratory: Dr. Seyed Saeid Moosavi Anchehpoli

The CPG&E laboratory is made up of a host team from the Amol University of Special Modern Technologies with a deep cooperation with its national and international partners. It was created in 2018 with a great desire to bring together multidisciplinary skills in order to develop research work in the fields of clean energy production, electrochemical and the environment

CPG&E is positioned as a science laboratory for engineers who develop research often, but not exclusively, inspired by scientific problems linked to industrial activity. The laboratory brings together complementary skills in the scientific fields of renewable energy, energy systems and energy storage, electric vehicle, electric distribution systems, operation of advance power systems, control, signal processing, electrochemical processes, and materials





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